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Winter Preparations at Public Works 

We’ve only seen a few flakes so far, but once the snow falls, our Public Works Department is ready.  

Since before the leaves began falling, Public Works has been busy winterizing equipment, getting the plows ready, stocking up on salt and de-icing supplies, planning snow routes and 24-hour crew shifts. Staff also attend “snow session” trainings to prepare for the City’s quick response to winter weather safety. 

Winter Preparation

A weather forecasting service is used by the City to monitor the weather. This service, along with a computerized monitoring system, alerts staff to incoming weather systems, the type of weather and its expected onset and duration. 

Plow routes have been established for a quick and comprehensive response to winter weather with priority being given to roads most frequently travelled by commuters, emergency vehicles, and school buses. The City takes a sensible approach to salting, using both brine and salt to keep roads free from of ice and to assist the plows in clearing the roads. 

Remember to remove parked cars from the street so the plows can clear the streets effectively. Read more about parking regulations when it snows here

updated Dec 09, 2021