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Local Flood Awareness

St. Charles generally has not experienced wide spread damage due to flooding. However there are local flood hazard areas throughout Kane County. Flooding from the Fox River, Ferson Creek, State Street Creek, 7th Avenue Creek, and Norton Creek usually can be forecast in advance. But flash flooding along these rivers and numerous tributaries to these waterways may occur suddenly and unexpectedly. 

Visit the City’s website,, for additional information and links to various flood-related sites.  You also can find out if your property is in the 100-year floodplain, and access maps and other flood-related information at the Public Works Engineering Division, 1405 South 7th Avenue.  Elevation Certificates dating back to the early 1990’s also are available. Call the Public Works Engineering Division at 630.377.4486 for further assistance.

Enroll in CodeRED Emergency Notifications 

Kane County offers the CodeRED Emergency Telephone Notification System. The system allows County officials to telephone targeted areas or the entire County if an emergency requires immediate action such as a boil water order, missing child alert, or evacuation notice. CodeRED can dial 50,000 phone numbers per hour and delivers a recorded message. 

To sign up for CodeRED alerts, visit the Kane County website and click on the Code Red link under Alerts at the bottom of the page. Registering your contact information is especially important if you have an unlisted number, no landline, a VOIP, mobile number or TDD/TTY requirements. 

updated Dec 28, 2021