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A Change for The Den Newsletter

With a new year, comes new opportunities. For us, that means simplifying the way we deliver our news to you.

We have an active subscriber base whom we email our monthly online news to each month. And we have listened to your suggestions on how to improve it. Over the last several months of 2021, we streamlined our online news format to make it easier for you to scroll through topics and get to the news you want more quickly. We also added more graphics to make it more visually engaging.

We have received positive feedback from our readers for our efforts. We appreciate those of you who reached out to let us know you noticed our improvements.

We will continue to tweak and improve our online news, as trends and reader expectations are always changing.

With the focus on creating a better online news experience, one that is timely, engaging, and relays important information, we will no longer create the printed/pdf version of the newsletter. So the "Read The Den in pdf Format" option will no longer be available. Other than removing that option, nothing else will change. We will continue to send the latest City news and highlights to our subscribers' email boxes each month.

It takes a large amount of staff time and resources to create both the online version and the printed/pdf version. Furthermore, online news sign ups continue to go up, while the demand for the pdf newsletter is ever shrinking. 

The elimination of the printed/pdf version of our news does not change our commitment to delivering the latest news from the City. We continue to share our news over multiple platforms: our website, social media, emailed news, and traditional newspapers.

For anyone who may need help accessing our monthly news online, please contact us at 630.377.4400 and we can point you to resources that can help you. 

Thank you to all of our readers.

updated Mar 21, 2022