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June Utility Bills Reflect Rate Changes for Water and Sewer

No Change for Electric Rates

Utility rate adjustments for City of St. Charles water, sewer, and electric utility customers were approved at the May 1, 2023, City Council meeting and become effective on the utility bills issued in June. At the meeting, a 6% increase in water rates and sewer rates was approved. The City recommended no adjustments in the electric rates.

City utility bills reflect monthly electric and water meter readings and include usage charges for all three utilities—electric, water and sewer. Once again this year, there is no increase in electric rates, the 4th consecutive year that electric rates remain the same.

The overall impact of the rate adjustments is approximately 3.2% of the total utility bill charges. Rate adjustments for water and sewer are necessary to fund critical capital improvements that are necessary and ongoing to the City’s water and wastewater systems.

For more information about rates visit or for questions, contact Utility Billing at 630.377.4426.

updated May 04, 2023