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Whole Foods Market to Open at Former Blue Goose Market

The City of St. Charles is thrilled to announce that Whole Foods Market will be opening its doors at the former Blue Goose Market site in downtown St. Charles.

Fort Union, a regional development commercial specializing in grocery anchors, recently acquired the property and has successfully entered into a lease agreement with Whole Foods Market. The development plan includes substantial improvements to the building, a reconstruction and resurfacing of the parking lot, and the completion of the First Street streetscape. These enhancements will not only elevate the shopping experience for residents but also contribute to the overall charm and economic growth of downtown St. Charles.

Mayor Vitek expressed her excitement, stating, "I am so excited that Whole Foods is coming to St. Charles in the former Blue Goose Market location. Not only is filling the space with a premium grocer a need in our downtown, it is the number one request we have heard from the community since the Blue Goose closed. St. Charles continues to be a place where people and businesses want to be. We have commercial, retail, and residential development happening all over the city. I look forward to seeing this project get underway and am so happy to welcome Whole Foods to St. Charles."

Developer Matt Hendy expressed his gratitude, stating, "We are extremely gratified to be a part of this tremendous project, as well as a new member and partner of the St Charles community. We are also honored by the trust the Lencioni Family placed in us regarding the legacy of their property. The addition of Whole Foods Market to this region will be a benefit for all."

The arrival of Whole Foods Market at the former Blue Goose Market location represents a significant milestone in meeting the community's need for a downtown grocery store. This development will enhance convenience, accessibility, and choice for residents and visitors, while also attracting additional foot traffic and supporting other local businesses in the downtown area.

updated Jul 03, 2023