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Smithfield Processing Plant Odors

For the past few years, the City has received complaints about an unpleasant odor emanating from the Smithfield Processing Plant on the east side of the City. City staff and leadership have been working with representatives from the facility who are enacting measures to mitigate the odors.

As part of the City’s promise to keep tabs on the progress of the company’s efforts, Smithfield representatives were invited to present at a recent public meeting where they outlined the issues causing the smells and their plan to combat them.

City staff and leadership remain in contact with the company and are following the progress on their odor mitigation measures, and have scheduled to tour the plant where they will learn more about their efforts to correct this issue.

Smithfield has expanded and increased its production over the years and is now one of the largest employers in St. Charles, which most likely has contributed to the issue. Both the City and plant officials are committed to working together towards finding a solution.

updated Aug 03, 2023