Report a Crime/Drug Tip to the St. Charles Illinois Police Dept.

Concerned residents can submit crime or drug tips two ways:

  1. Call the Drug & Crime Tip Line - 866-DRUG-COP (866-378-4267), or 
  2. Complete the form below

Drug & Crime Tip Line

The St. Charles Illinois Police Department maintains a telephone line which allows callers, wishing to remain anonymous, to leave information as to drug or criminal activity.  Persons wanting to report such activity should call the Drug & Crime Tip Line at 866-DRUG-COP (866-378-4267).

The tip line rings directly into a voice mailbox where callers can leave a message.  The information is then reviewed by department personnel and shared with the appropriate agency.  In the case of drug tips, that information is shared with the North Central Narcotics Task Force.  Information concerning criminal activity is handled by the St. Charles Illinois Police Department or the appropriate agency where the crime occurred.

Callers are encouraged to leave as much detail as possible, including the identity of the suspected offenders, their addresses and their vehicle descriptions.  In the case of illicit drug activity, callers are asked to relay what types of drugs are involved and the locations of drug activity.

The tip line is VOLUNTARY and ANONYMOUS.  No attempt will be made to determine the identity of the caller.  Callers wishing to be contacted in response to this information should include their name and phone number.

Should a caller wish to speak directly with a police officer, please call 630-377-4435.  To report all emergencies, dial 911.

Online Submission Form

This form may be used to submit drug or crime information or suspicious behavior. In order to ensure the usefulness of the tips, please give as much information as possible.

All information will be kept strictly confidential. You do NOT have to provide your name if you choose to submit the form anonymously, however if you would like to be contacted, please provide your contact info.

Tip Information
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Tip Follow-Up
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