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Other Recycling and Waste

Here you can find some local resources for recycling items not included in the City’s refuse contractor-sponsored recycling program. Local programs exist to recycle polystyrene, styrofoam, light bulbs, electronics including televisions, books, motor oil, batteries, and household hazardous waste, and dispose of medical waste and medications.

The City of St Charles offers a recycling program through the City's refuse contractor, Lakeshore Recycling Systems. Details on recyclables can be found on the City's recycling program page.


Polystyrene, Styrofoam Recycling

Polystyrene or Styrofoam items such as egg cartons, meat trays, some fast food containers, packing materials and peanuts are not picked up by Lakeshore Recycling Systems for recycling. There are options listed below for recycling these materials. DART Container Corporation in North Aurora has a drop off location at their site. Their address, phone number and a link are provided below for information. Please note they do not accept packaging peanuts.

 Recycling Styrofoam Peanuts - An alternative for packaging, shipping peanuts is taking them to the local UPS or mailing stores. They may be glad to take them. There is actually a Peanut Hotline that will give you a location in the area. The number is 800-828-2214.

DART Container Corporation
310 Evergreen Drive, North Aurora, IL
Phone: 630-896-4631
Foam Recycling Brochure

light bulb

Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs

Why CFL? The City promotes the use of compact fluorescent (CFL) bulbs as an energy savings. CFL bulbs use significant less energy than the incandescent bulbs they replace and last much longer. Two years ago, the City distributed 5,000 CFL bulbs to the community. The City has provided $1 off coupons as stuffers in the monthly utility bills to promote the use of CFL bulbs.

How do I recycle them? Because each compact fluorescent light bulb contains a small amount of mercury, proper disposal is important. For information on recycling these items, visit the Kane County Recycles website.

medical waste

Medical Waste Disposal (Sharp Medical Objects)

Sharps, needles and syringes may be disposed through the City's refuse contractor on your regular refuse day. To discard place needles, point first, into a thick plastic bottle, like a detergent bottle. Place a cup or two of water in the container and label the container "Do Not Recycle" with a bold marker. When the container is over half full, tape the lid on with duct tape and place it in your regular refuse container on your regular refuse day.


Medication Disposal Program

For several years the St. Charles Police Department has offered a Prescription Drug Disposal Program in an effort to securely dispose of unwanted or unused medication.  

For Residents Only

This service is available only to residents living within the city limits of St. Charles. Proof of current residency will be required.

Bring medication in original pharmacy containers to the Police front desk.  Prescription drugs are accepted only during front desk hours (M-F,  7:30am-10:30pm/Sat 8am-4pm – no Sundays or holidays). 

Front desk personnel will provide the resident with a Police property bag.  Residents will transfer medications by dumping only the contents from the original pharmacy containers into the Police property bag.  Front desk personnel are not allowed to touch the medication.  Residents are responsible for disposing of their original prescription containers (be sure to remove labels containing personal information).

Police front desk personnel will accept the Police property bag containing the loose medication, seal and initial it, and place it into the secure disposal unit located inside the Police Records Office.


Liquids, sharps, over-the-counter items, inhalers, or any pressurized containers are not accepted. (Please see Medical Waste Disposal link below for appropriate disposal.) 

The St. Charles Police disposal program will not accept medication from any entity authorized to dispense prescription drugs, including but not limited to, pharmacies and medical offices. 


For alternative disposal please check the Kane County Recycles website at:



Kane County Electronics Drop-off Locations

Location: 517 E. Fabyan Parkway, Batavia, IL 60510 (Old Jail site)
Hours: M-F  8am-4pm

Location:  West Dundee Public Works, 900 Angle Tarn, West Dundee, IL 60118
Hours:  M-F  7am-3pm (Please note that these hours are an hour earlier than other sites)

ACCEPTED FOR FREE:  Cable & Satellite Receivers - Cables & Cords - Cell Phones/PDAs - Christmas Lights - Circuit Boards - Computers (CPUs, Laptops, Tablet PCs, Computer Batteries) - Digital Converter Boxes - Digital Recorders - DVD Players - Fax Machines - Hard Drives - Holiday Lights - Keyboards - Mice - Phones - Portable Digital Music Players - Printers - Scanners - Small Scale Servers - VCRs - Video Game Consoles

ACCEPTED FOR A COST:  Monitors (all types, flat screen or glass tube) - TVs/Televisions (all types, all ages, flat screen or glass tube)

COSTTVs and Monitors cost $25 (Under 21") or $35 (21" & over) to recycle.  Pay at site with cash or card.  Measure diagonally across the screen.

This fee is paid directly to the County's contracted electronics recycler - eWorks, a non-profit that employs people with developmental disabilities. 

City of St. Charles Electronics Recycling Program Has Been Discontinued Effective April 8, 2016. 

Kane County residents can take their electronics to the Kane County Electronics and Book Recycling events.  Please see the Kane County Electrics Recycling web page for more information, the complete list of acceptable items and the current year’s recycling dates.




Used Motor Oil 

Used motor oil cannot be picked up by Lakeshore Recycling Systems. These items may be taken to the Household Hazardous Waste Drop-Off in Naperville, call: 630-420-6095.

Additional recycling resources may be found at: Call2Recylce or

hazardous waste

Household Hazardous Waste

Household hazardous waste (HHW) is a term that describes the waste associated with the wide variety of chemical cleaners, pesticides, fertilizers, paints, auto fluids, and other toxic materials in use in homes, automobiles, and yards. The topic of HHW affects each and every individual and community given the nearly universal use, storage, and disposal of chemical consumer products.

The Household Hazardous Waste Drop off is located at 156 Fort Hill Drive in Naperville. They are open every Saturday and Sunday (except for holidays) from 9am-2pm. Please visit the Kane County Recycles website for more information on Household Hazardous Waste.


Weekly Collection Guidelines

The weekly recycling collection guidelines are posted on the City's website.

updated Mar 07, 2023