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Other Recycling and Waste

Here you can find some local resources for recycling items not included in the City’s refuse contractor-sponsored recycling program. Local programs exist to recycle polystyrene, styrofoam, light bulbs, electronics including televisions, books, motor oil, batteries, and household hazardous waste, and dispose of medical waste and medications.

New Solar Plant has Its Day in the Sun

The St. Charles Solar Plant had its day in the sun for an official Open House and Ribbon Cutting. They City joined with the Illinois Municipal Electric Agency and Altorfer Caterpillar in hosting the event at the plant site. The day started out quite rainy. (The last thing you want at a solar event!) But luckily the rain stopped in time. It was fun to see the output tracker go from flatlining to soaring once the sun came out. View real-time output here

Green City Practices & Programs

The City of St. Charles practices and promotes a number of environmentally conscious programs and initiatives both in house and within the City. Some of these GREEN programs have been around for a number of years. Here are some of the ways City officials and City staff are promoting environmentally friendly practices: