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Traffic Signal Maintenance and Traffic Circulation

The Citizen Priorities Survey indicated transportation and traffic as one area of municipal government citizens were most concerned about. In the survey, comments and questions were offered, and over the next several issues of this supplement, we would like to begin to address some of the concerns.

How are local roadway impacts considered with new developments in neighboring communities?
Although most projects consider impacts on roadways near the development, regional impacts are difficult to evaluate and therefore are not typically considered. For example, a development in Wasco will increase traffic volumes on IL 64 (Main St.). No transportation consideration for improvements to the IL 64 bridge crossing the Fox River, however, is required.

Who makes the decisions for the transportation (street) system, land uses and development?
Land use and development decisions are made by municipalities for areas within their boundaries or properties petitioning for annexation. Land use decisions for areas outside municipal boundaries are made by Kane County.

Street Location TypeDecision Maker
IL 64, IL 31, IL 25Illinois Department of Transportation
Kirk RoadKane County Division of Transportation
Randall RoadKane County Division of Transportation
Illinois StreetCity of St. Charles
Prairie StreetCity of St. Charles
Neighborhood streetsCity of St. Charles

How much traffic uses Main Street and other City roadways?

Location24-Hour Vehicle Count
IL 64 on the river44,000 (year 2004)
Illinois Street Bridge9,100 (year 2003)
Prairie Street Bridge9,400 (year 2004)

Traffic at other locations for comparison:

LocationIDOT 24-Hour Vehicle Count
IL 38 on the Bridge32,000 (year 2001)
IL 59 (between IL 64 and Army Trail Rd.)35,000 (year 2003)

What throws off the traffic signals to cause such traffic congestion at times?
Traffic congestion can be caused by peak travel times (rush hour), accidents, stalled vehicles blocking a lane, or a semi-truck maneuvering a turn. It is the emergency service vehicles (fire trucks/ambulances) that interrupt the normal traffic signal synchronization, though. It takes about ten minutes to reestablish signal synchronization and normal traffic flow after an emergency vehicle interrupts the cycle.

How are truck routes designated?
The City has the ability to designate truck routes on city roadways only. The Illinois Department of Transportation and Kane County Division of Transportation designate truck routes on their respective roadway systems. The City, for example, cannot ban trucks on IL 64 to improve traffic congestion, as this is the jurisdiction of the Illinois Department of Transportation.

Will public transportation be an alternative for the future?
Most people are familiar with the existing METRA rail system south of St. Charles. Bus service is also available on routes 801 from Elgin and 802 from Aurora. These routes stop at Charlestowne Mall, the east side industrial park, Main Street and Randall Road. Dial-A-Ride is also available for seniors or those with special needs, offering discounted trips from their door to any location within St. Charles, Geneva or Geneva Township. These services are part of the Regional Transportation Authority (RTA).

An expansion of the system would be related to ridership and public opinion that advocates a need for such services, balanced with costs. PACE will not operate a route that cannot be supported through ridership. The citizen survey indicated that less than 50% of respondents felt improving the existing public transportation system was important.

Why does it take so long to build a new bridge/road?
Whether a new bridge or road is being funded with local, county, state or federal money, a process is in place to consider the interests of property owners and groups who endorse or reject the improvement. This process takes time and is dependent on the complexity of issues and number of governmental reviews. Money cannot be spent until the government body funding the bridge or road documents the need and that all steps have been taken to minimize the negative impacts. It also takes time to build reserves and secure financing for these types of large, costly projects.

What transportation improvements are planned?

ProjectYear Expected
Widen IL 64 to 6 lanes (IL 59 to Kautz Rd.)2010
Add a center, turn lane on IL (7th Ave. to Dunham Rd.)2010
Widen Randall Road to 6 lanes (Dean to Oak Streets and add lanes at IL 64)2007
updated Feb 28, 2012