Auto Pay Enrollment Request Form

The City of St Charles is pleased to offer automatic bill payment to our customers as a payment option with no fees.

There are two methods for enrolling your utility account in our automatic payment program. The first option requires you to complete the online request form below.  Within two business days AFTER submitting the request form, you will receive an email confirming that the automatic payment has been set up.

Or, you may download the enrollment form in PDF format, print and drop it off or mail it to the City of St Charles Utility Billing Office, 2 E. Main Street, St Charles Il, 60174. Once the form is received and information processed, you will receive an email from the City of St Charles confirming your request. Do not email this form.

You will continue to receive a monthly bill via mail or email letting you know the amount to be deducted on your due date. If the due date is a weekend or holiday the withdrawal will take place the next business day.

If, for any reason, the City receives notification of an invalid automatic withdrawal, the unsuccessful transaction it will be treated the same as a check returned unpaid by the bank and additional fees will assessed.

Utility Billing

630 377 4426

(as appears on utility bill)
Service Address
Billing Address
(if different than service address)
Bank/Financial Institution Information
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Auto Bill Pay Applicant Please Read

I (we) hereby authorize the City of St. Charles (hereinafter called “City”) to initiate debit entries and to initiate, if necessary, credit entries and adjustments for any debit entries made in error to the checking (savings) account specified by me above solely for the payment of my City utility bills. Additionally, I (we) authorize the financial institution named above to accept debit and or/credit entries initiated by Harris Bank for payment of my City utility bills to same checking (savings) account. Also, I (we) authorize the financial institution named above to pay my monthly City utility bill by charging each payment to the checking (savings) account specified by me above. I agree that each payment shall be the same as if it were an instrument personally signed and authorized by me in writing. In addition, I understand this authority is to remain in full force and effect until the City has received written notice of termination at least five (5) days prior to the due date on my bill. I understand that both the City and the financial institution named above reserve the right to terminate this payment plan or my participation therein.

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