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Resident Survey Results

2016 Resident Survey Shows How Citizens Feel About City Services--And it's Good News!

In October, 2016, 1500 surveys were distributed to a statistical sample of St. Charles residents to gather their perspectives on the overall quality of life in St. Charles. The survey has been administered since 1996, with the last survey being conducted in 2013.

Key Findings

In general, survey respondents feel St. Charles is safe, clean and well maintained.  They also like the direction economic development is headed in.

Overall Snapshot

96% said St. Charles is an “Excellent” or “Good” place to live. Other areas rated Excellent or Good:

  • Overall Quality of Life: 94%
  • Overall City services: 91%

Areas the City Excels

  • Residents are satisfied with Public Safety: Fire services (98%) and police services (93%)
  • And applaud Public Works Services: Snow removal (83%), Storm drainage (83%), street repair (65%)

Areas the City Improved on Since the Last Survey

  • Overall Image of St. Charles: 96% up from 89%
  • St. Charles as a Place to Raise Children: 96% up from 90%
  • Overall Appearance: 95% up from 88%
  • Cleanliness: 97% from 92%

Areas to Work On

  • Value of services for taxes paid: 53% down from 69%
  • Satisfaction with the electric utility fell from 88% to 79%

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updated Jan 05, 2018