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99% of Residents Surveyed Say St. Charles is an Excellent or Good Place to Live

99% of residents surveyed feel St. Charles is an Excellent or Good place to live. The results of the 2020 St. Charles Resident Survey were presented at the Sept. 8, 2020 Government Operations Committee Meeting. In general, survey respondents feel St. Charles is safe, clean and well maintained. Residents also valued the services they receive for the taxes they pay.

Business Retention Survey

The Business Retention Survey has been conducted approximately every two years since 1998 to identify and manage economic development issues and to assist the City in formulating pro-business policies. By better understanding issues that are important to business owners and operators, St. Charles can maintain its reputation as a good place to do business.


Resident Survey

Since 1996, the City has conducted a citywide survey of residents. The services residents expect from their government, like police and fire protection, road maintenance and water, are important for a healthy community but expensive to provide. Because there are many needs and a limited amount of money to meet those needs, the City asks residents to help set its budgetary priorities.