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Business and Liquor Licenses

BASSET training requirements and classes

It shall be the duty of every licensee to require their officers, associates, members, representatives, agents or employees who sell, give or deliver alcoholic liquor or beverages to be trained and certified by the Beverage Alcohol Sellers and Servers Education and Training Program (BASSET) licensed and administered by the State of Illinois Liquor Control Commission (ILCC). Further, BASSET training and certification shall be a prerequisite to the issuance of local liquor licenses. - From City of St. Charles Code Title 5, Chapter 8

BASSET training requirements and where to find certification classes:

State of Illinois Basset Program - (312)814-2206

Business Licenses - What are the requirements for a business license?

General Information

The City of St. Charles does not require general business licenses. Licenses are required for:

  • Carnival License
  • Cigarette License
  • Coin-op Amusement License
  • Liquor Application - First Time
  • Liquor Application - Renewal
  • Liquor Application - 1-Day Not-for-profit
  • Liquor Application - 1-Day Special Civic Event
  • Loudspeaker License
  • Scavenger License Application
  • Towing License Application

 All licensing is handled in the Mayor's office. The Mayor is also the City Liquor Commissioner.

The types of businesses required to obtain a business license are outlined in Title 5 - Business Licenses and Regulations

"A person is required to obtain a license and is subject to subsequent fees whenever a license is required for the maintenance, operation or conduct of any business or establishment, or for doing business or engaging in any activity or occupation, actively or passively; or performs or attempts to perform any part of such business or occupation in the city."

Liquor license fees.

What are the fees for a liquor license? Please include the class or type of business that would be applying for the liquor license.

Questions about raffle licenses.

Raffle licenses are administered by Kane County for raffles held within the City limits and within Kane County. Questions about applications and requirements should be directed to the Kane County Clerk at 232-5950.