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Week of September 1, 2014

Work is continuing in the West garage. On Tuesday, September 2, the 5th Level repairs and remaining caulk installations on the ramps from Level 2 down will be completed.

The contractor is waiting for delivery of the pre-fabricated expansion joint that will be installed on Level 4. There is no delivery date for the expansion joint, so that work will be scheduled at a later date. Minus the expansion joint, the West garage repairs will be completed on Wednesday, September 3. The contractor will then move their equipment to the East garage and begin those repairs on Thursday, September 4.  

In the East garage, the contractor will not need to block large areas or entire floors until installation of the expansion joints at the entrances of Level 2 and Level 3. The work areas will only require a few parking spaces to be blocked throughout Level 2 and Level 3 because the majority of the work will be done around the exterior facade of the garage.

created Sep 02, 2014 updated Mar 23, 2018