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Update - 01/23/19

At this time, the City has retained WBK Engineering of St. Charles to complete final engineering design, which will incorporate replacement of the water main and the sanitary sewer, as well as storm sewer improvements and roadway reconstruction. 

In 2016, the City requested information from property owners through a questionnaire.  We will be taking the questionnaire responses into consideration to the best of our ability as we move forward.  Specifically, tree removal will be avoided where possible and sidewalk improvements will not be included.

Field Work
Over the upcoming weeks you will see WBK Engineering and Testing Service Corporation (TSC) in your neighborhood gathering data.  You will observe various activities that will facilitate the development of final engineering plans.  These activities may include marking of utilities, detailed survey of right-of-way areas, soil borings (geotechnical testing), tagging trees and sewer televising. 

Design and Construction
Due to the complex and challenging nature of this project, design engineering is anticipated to continue through all of 2019, with anticipated construction in 2020, pending future budget approval. 

Public Meeting
The City anticipates hosting a public meeting in the summer of 2019, once draft construction plans and details have been prepared.  Notification will be provided in advance of any public meetings.

created Jan 23, 2019 updated Jan 23, 2019