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Update - 6/28/19

Our tree trimming contractor has already selectively removed some of the trees between Route 31 and Sedgewick Circle.  The clearance of trees in the rear yards of the houses along Millington Way will begin in early July.  Residents on Millington who have any property (swing sets or sheds) in the easement, may be contacted to move such on a case-by-case basis.

Our Contractor, Hooper, plans to work on the eastern and western ends of the project in the weeks of July 8 and July 15.  After completing the work near Route 31 and near the Substation on 12th Street, they plan to be working on the middle of the project, in the backyards of customers on Millington Way, in late July.


created Jun 28, 2019 updated Jun 28, 2019

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