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6/28/19 Update

  1. The binder course of asphalt kicked off on Tuesday with the majority being completed today. However, this is only the first step in the process. The final layer and striping will be put down towards the end of the project to avoid any damage.
  2. Our final precast infill was completed this week at the west storm shelter.
  3. The second floor is officially closed for business. Ceiling tiles are dropped, and flooring protection is slowly being pulled up.
  4. The detention area ceilings are in progress and both the general area 2’x2’ tile and cell plank tiles have had thorough inspections by the manufacturer’s representative in order to confirm the install is correct. 
  5. The lobby glass railing is 90% complete with only the joints left to install. The first coat of paint in the lobby is also complete and ready for the signage prep once we pass our above ceiling inspections in the space.


created Jul 02, 2019 updated Jul 12, 2019