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Emergency Preparedness

Be a Part of the Action: EMA is Hiring

St. Charles Emergency Management Agency is Hiring

Severe weather warnings have been coming in all day and assistance is needed for weather spotters who head out to track the storm.  Help is needed with traffic and crowd control during a festival or parade.  It’s the middle of the night, your radio tones go off, and there is a request to provide food and water for firefighters as they work around the clock to put out a fire.  The county calls for assistance with a search and rescue effort.  Does this sound interesting to you?

After a disaster

Staying Healthy and Safe After a Disaster

Recovery from the trauma of a disaster continues days or months after the event as you and your family face the emotional and psychological effects of the event. Reactions vary from person to person and may include restless sleep, nightmares, anger, fear, wanting revenge, lack of emotion, needing to keep active, loss of appetite, weight loss or gain, headaches, and mood swings.