50/50 Parkway Tree Program

The City of St. Charles offers a cost-sharing program for planting parkway trees. The “50/50 Parkway Tree Program” allows residents to request additional trees for planting in the city parkways. 

Please contact the Public Works Department at 630.377.4405 or pw@stcharlesil.gov to make a request. Once you submit your request, the City arborist will review your parkway to ensure it is suitable for planting an additional tree. After approval, you will receive confirmation that includes ordering and payment information for the new parkway tree. Orders are due March 1 for planting in spring. The tree species vary based on availability and the City's diversification plans for your area. Current available tree species and your cost are:

  • Kousa Dogwood $138 Good under power lines                      
  • Alleghany Serviceberry $143 Good under power lines
  • Hybrid Elm $132
  • Bald Cypress $128
  • Blackgum (Tupelo) $145
  • State Street Maple $142
  • Northern Red Oak $143 SPRING ONLY
  • Swamp White Oak $143 SPRING ONLY
  • London Planetree $133 SPRING ONLY

For more information about specific tree species, visit the Morton Arboretum website or the St. Charles Public Library. Larger size trees are available at an additional cost of $100 per ½ inch diameter upgrade. If you have any questions, please contact the Public Works Office at 630.377.4405 or at pw@stcharlesil.gov.

updated Jan 08, 2020