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Crime Prevention

Illinois Murderer and Violent Offenders Against Youth (IMVOAY)

 State of Illinois IMVOAY.

All Illinois Murderer and Violent Offenders Against Youth (IMVOAY) listed as residing in the City of St. Charles, IL can be found on the State of Illinois IMVOAY registry.

Persons required to register as Violent Offender Against Youths are persons who have been convicted of an offense listed in Illinois Compiled Statutes 730 ILCS 154/5 when such charge results in the finding the offense was not sexually motivated and in the finding one of the following:

Quarterly Crime Prevention Newsletter

The Crime Prevention section of the St. Charles Police Department produces a quarterly community newsletter that provides helpful information for protecting yourself, your family, home and other areas of your life against crime. The information may be seasonally based and offer criminal information that surround holidays and weather. Crime trends within the city also are addressed, with tips on how to defend yourself against a certain trend.