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The Summer Power Cost Adjustment Means Savings for Electric Customers

Have you noticed a line on your electric bill called “Power Cost Adj” and wondered what that is? It refers to the City’s Power Cost Adjustment Factor (PCAF). The City instituted the PCAF in 2013 to allow for adjustment of electric bills to match wholesale power prices.

Wholesale Power Prices Directly Affect the PCAF

The City purchases its power from the Illinois Municipal Electric Agency (IMEA). Like the cost of most commodities, wholesale power prices can fluctuate. The City adjusts the PCAF in accordance with our actual costs of purchasing power from IMEA.

Update - 7/11/17

The grading for the solar site is completed, and solar panel deliveries are expected in the next two weeks.  Solar production is scheduled to begin in August or September.

Inside the substation, the majority of the site work is done and equipment for the substation is beginning to be set.  Substation target completion and in-service in spring of 2018.

Update - 7/11/17

Underground work is completed.  Roadway and sidewalks are reopened.  KDOT is working with the contractor for rework of some of the concrete in the southbound lanes that will eventually require short term lane closures.

Update - 07/11/17

Pole testing continues in the south west quadrant of the City this week.  The contractor has completed about half of the pole inspections.  The City appreciates the cooperation from our residents as we perform this important reliability related inspection.