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Emergency Preparedness

Water Emergencies

What is a Water Emergency?

A water emergency is any event that disrupts the normal supply of clean water to your home. Water emergencies can be caused by natural disasters or other emergencies that affect the water system:

Sand Bags and Sand

sandbagsCome spring and summer, the City can expect heavy rain storms and the potential for flooding to accompany those heavy rains. In order to assist citizens that experience flooding due to significant rain events, the City will provide sand and sand bags at our Public Work Facility when a significant rain event is expected.

Emergency Preparedness

Mother nature can be just as fierce as she is gentle. We are reminded of this when an earthquake and terrible tragedy occurred in Haiti, along with the much smaller, but still serious earthquake here in Illinois that hit very close to home. These events left many of us asking the question, “How can our families and our community better prepare in the case of an emergency?”