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Update - 6/14/23

Denler will be placing "No Parking" signs for this year’s Crack Fill Program on Wednesday, June 14 with work anticipated to begin on Thursday, June 15.  Denler will pick up the "No Parking" signs as they finish each street.
The crack fill is safe to drive on immediately after placement. It will take approximately six days to complete this work.

Update - 6/12/23

More good weather for construction has allowed for forward progress on the demolition of the existing switchback ramps near the Riverwalk and placement of aggregate base for the new ramp is in progress.  Underground utility work is up next and will continue for the next few weeks in conjunction with the beginning of foundations for site improvements such as the steel trellis structure and associated underground infrastructure. 

Update - 5/30/23

Mother nature has given the gift of very good construction weather and this week lots of progress was made toward completing the demolition portion of the project.  Removal of the walls and ramps to the river walk is in progress and crews have completed a substantial portion of the demolition work which means it’s almost time to start building!   Keep checking for updates as we are anticipating starting on building foundations to support the new plaza features in the near future. 

Update - 5/22/23

Demolition of the existing South 1st Street concrete paving is complete!  Removal of the concrete paving, sidewalks, planter boxes and other items from Main Street to Walnut Street has been completed and crews are moving on to sidewalks, bricks and planters on the east side of the road with plans to start the demolition process on the existing river walk ramp next.  A reminder that this area is a construction zone and not open to the public.  However, please enjoy the process and views from behind the construction fence and keep up with our progress toward this exciting new feature in the h

Update - 5/15/23

Construction activity on Phase 2 of the 1st Street plaza project continued with the completion of salvaging material from the site for the City to reuse in other parts of the community.  Tree grates, paver bricks, light poles and perennials were all removed from the site and stored for future use or placed for re-use.  Site screening, pedestrian and motor vehicle traffic control was also completed and demolition of the sidewalk, planters and roadway began.