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Hazardous Materials Response Team

The St Charles Fire Department Hazardous Materials Team was created in response to the ever increasing quantity of hazardous materials that are located, manufactured or transported through our community each day. The team is made up of specially trained individuals who are dedicated to serving our city and protecting the environment through prevention, preparedness, with both efficient and effective response to hazardous materials incidents, whether accidental or intentional. We serve the community with a vision of the Hazmat Team being able to identify and resolve issues regarding the planning, training, and preparation for, and response to hazardous materials incidents. The St Charles fire department is also a member of the MABAS division 13 Hazmat Response team which is a cooperative of several area departments that share resources and lend a helping hand when incidents require them. The St Charles Team is equipped with a designated engine company that utilizes specialty equipment for identification of potential hazardous substances, a 24’ trailer with equipment specifically designated for Hazardous Material incident responses and on-duty technicians.

Hazardous Materials Team Trailer



updated Mar 20, 2019