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Technical Rescue Team

Firefighters are occasionally called upon to address what constitutes a technical rescue. These are unique, high risk situations that are technically complex because they require specially trained personnel, complex incident management, detailed risk management, and highly specialized equipment in order to complete the mission successfully.

The St. Charles Fire Department maintains a technical rescue team of responders who are specially trained to perform complex rescues ranging from confined space, trench, high-angle rope, and extrication from heavy machinery, urban search & rescue where people are trapped within a collapsed structure, and much more.

The St. Charles Fire Department responders are trained to one of two levels. The Operations level is where they are able to operate basic equipment, apply limited techniques, and directly support Technician level responders. Technician level responders are highly trained specialists who are able to perform the most complex of rescue operations.

The St. Charles Fire Department is part of a larger response team of technically rescue made up of 6 area departments (St. Charles, Geneva, Batavia, North Aurora, Aurora and Sugar Grove to that make up MABAS 13 Technical Rescue Team. The MABAS 13 team trains quarterly on all four disciplines to include Trench, Confined Space, High Angle and Structure Collapse. 

updated Mar 27, 2018