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Honor Guard

Fire Department Honor Guard

The Honor Guard is used to promote our Department and the fire service, to the public in a positive and proper fashion.  The City of St. Charles FD Honor Guard, founded in January of 2015; is a Line of Duty Death (LODD) death benefit, providing a dignified, honorable service for fallen members, their surviving family members, and our brothers and sisters through organization/participation in funeral and memorial services. Also, the SCFD Honor Guard is most frequently used to represent our FD in our City Parades and Fire Department Promotion/Retirement Ceremonies in order to maintain the traditions of the fire service.


Honor Guard Members

  • FF/PM C. Tinsley (HG Commander/Team Leader)
  • FF/PM S. Rehak (Deputy Commander/Team Deputy)
  • B/C J. Kurczek
  • Lt. J. Peterson
  • Lt. A. Cavallo
  • Lt. C. Lo
  • FF/PM M. Pyzyna
  • FF/PM C. Thomas
  • FF/PM P. Lacey
  • FF/PM S. Siwy


updated Mar 16, 2018