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Government Services Committee Meeting

05/27/2014 - 7:00pm
Combined Packet: 
Packet Items: 
PDF icon 3.a - Electric Reliability Report 1 byte
PDF icon 3.b - Tree Commission Minutes - Information only 1 byte
PDF icon 4.a - Recommendation to approve Use of Amplification Equipment & Class E-1 Temp Liquor License for Firin' Up the Fox BBQ Contest1 byte
PDF icon 4.b - Recommendation to approve Street & Parking Lot Closures & Use of Amp Equip for 2014 12K of Christmas & 2015 Half Marathon1 byte
PDF icon 5.a - Recommendation to approve Construction Service Agmt with Geneva Construction for Tyler Rd. Resurfacing Project 1 byte
PDF icon 5.b - Recommendation to approve Donation of Land at 7th Ave. and Ohio Ave. 1 byte
PDF icon 5.c - Recommendation to approve Proposal for Wastewater Facility Plan and Phosphorus Removal Feasibility Study 1 byte
PDF icon 5.d - Recommendation to waive the bid & Award Contract to Marc Kresmery Construction for IL St. Siphon Rehab 1 byte
PDF icon 5.e - Recommendation to approve Contract Addendum with Trotter & Assoc. for Main & Biosolids Projects1 byte
PDF icon 5.f - Recommendation to approve Ordinance authorizing the City to borrow funds from IEPA Water Loan Program 1 byte
PDF icon 5.g - Presentation of Red Gate Water Tower Logo Design Alternatives 1 byte
PDF icon 5.h - Recommendation to approve Annual Doble Engineering Client Agreement 1 byte
PDF icon 5.i - Recommendation to approve budget add for Electric Utility Work at 3620 Swenson Avenue 1 byte
PDF icon 5.j - Recommendation to approve Catch Basin Cleaning Maintenance Program with United Septic, Inc. 1 byte
PDF icon 5.k - Recommendation to approve Water Main Break Asphalt Patching Contract with Geneva Construction Co. 1 byte
PDF icon 5.l - Recommendation to approve Modification of City Code in Regard to Placement of Yard Waste on City ROW1 byte
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