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99% of Residents Surveyed Say St. Charles is an Excellent or Good Place to Live

99% of residents surveyed feel St. Charles is an Excellent or Good place to live. The results of the 2020 St. Charles Resident Survey were presented at the Sept. 8, 2020 Government Operations Committee Meeting. In general, survey respondents feel St. Charles is safe, clean and well maintained. Residents also valued the services they receive for the taxes they pay.

“I couldn’t be happier with these results,” say Mayor Raymond Rogina. “Residents’ overwhelming satisfaction is the result of much hard work from many individuals. From the City Council, Commission members, and City staff to active community organizations and engaged residents, our community benefits from having so people working together to make St. Charles the best it can be.”

The survey, which the City of St. Charles conducts every few years, assesses residents’ perspectives on the overall quality of life in St. Charles. A survey of residents has been conducted since 1996, with the last one performed in 2016.

“Community feedback is crucial for gauging the level of service, funding prioritization, and general satisfaction with the City’s performance,” said City Administrator Mark Koenen. “The St. Charles Resident Survey is one of the most effective tools we use to collect input from residents. In addition to highlighting high performing areas, the survey reflects priorities we need to focus on.”

In March 2020, surveys were distributed to a statistical sample of St. Charles by the ETC Institute, the City contractor for this project. More than 500 surveys were completed, representing a statistically significant sample that accurately reflects the Census demographics of St. Charles.  

Below are some of the notable findings. Percentages represent residents surveyed who rated St. Charles as “excellent” or “good” in various areas:

Areas the City Excels

  • A place to live: 99%
  • A Place to Raise Children: 98%
  • Quality of Life: 96%
  • Overall Reputation of St. Charles: 96%
  • Quality of City Services: 91%

Areas the City Improved Since the Last Survey in 2016

  • Value for City tax dollars and fees: 70% up from 53%
  • Access to shopping: 73% up from 56%

Priorities Identified by Residents

  • Value received for City tax dollars and fees
  • Management of traffic congestion
  • Condition of neighborhood streets
  • Water, sewer, and electric rates
  • 75% of respondents indicated they would subscribe to push notifications from the City

These statistics are a just a snapshot of an entire summary, and we encourage you to take a closer look at the findings. Click here for the full report. 

updated Oct 01, 2020