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Welcome City Council Members

Elected in the April 4, 2023 Election

Elected Officials to be Sworn In
The April 4 Election returned some familiar faces to the St. Charles City Council. It also resulted in a couple of new faces. All will be administered the Oath of Office by the honorable Judge Elizabeth Flood at the May 1 City Council Meeting. Everyone is invited to attend this traditional event which starts at 7 p.m., in City Council Chambers, 2 E. Main Street.

John Edward Frank has withdrawn from the Ward 3 alderperson position. A candidate will be sought to fill the Ward 3 spot.

We Asked the Newly Elected Alderpersons to Briefly share Thoughts

Mark Foulkes Ward 1
Mark Foulkes

1What are you looking forward to in your new term?
I am really looking forward to working with the other City Council members to continue to make St. Charles a great place to live and raise a family. I am also looking forward to being part of the decision-making process for some of the improvements that are happening or going to be happening throughout the city. I am really excited to get started!

2. Why was it important for you to run for your position?
I felt this was a good time to run for a number of reasons. One, I wanted to provide stability in our ward. We’ve had some turnover with this particular Council seat and I would like to make sure that our citizens have consistency and know I am an ongoing point of contact. Secondly, I wanted to provide more ways for citizens to engage. I’d like to elevate the way we connect and communicate with our residents and share more information about important topics we all should be aware of and have a voice in. Thirdly, I want to enhance our pedestrian safety. I’m advocating for much safer pedestrian safety near Munhall Elementary and by our new First Street Development area downtown. Traffic in these areas has increased and I want to ensure that we can go anywhere at any time…safely. Finally, I want to help support our businesses. Our city attracts people from all over the Fox Valley area. Whether it’s small businesses or big box, I am committed to working with our Mayor, Alderpersons, and City Staff to extend the life cycle of local businesses. These businesses deserve our support and an opportunity for further growth.

3. What do you see as a good opportunity to make St. Charles even better?
I believe we can always provide more places that are family friendly for St. Charles families. Our parks are wonderful as are the park district programs. However, I believe we need to find new avenues so that families can be invested and entertained in our city.

Jayme Muenz Ward 2
Jayme Muenz

1What are you looking forward to in your new term?
There is so much to learn, and so many new perspectives to hear. I am looking forward to gathering new ideas, and to creating a positive impact on our city. I'm diving head-first, and learning as much as I can about government and city operations, development opportunities, the priorities of each of our alderpersons for their wards. I am especially looking forward to working with our city council to focus on the pillars of our strategic priorities, most specifically around financial stability, and balanced and thoughtful development within the community. There are several areas with opportunities for development, and each may play important parts in shaping the future of our city for decades to come. That is exciting, and an opportunity that requires thought, planning, and community involvement.  Getting people engaged and involved, and connecting members of our community with information, resources and each other are other community-focused goals I hope to accomplish during my term as a new alderperson.  

2. Why was it important for you to run for your position?
There is so much growth and development happening in St. Charles, and it is so exciting to see! I have been actively engaged in many areas of our city for the 18 years I've lived here, and take pride in our unique blend of historic pride and new development.  Most recently, a large motivating factor for me to run for second ward alderperson was to ensure a clear voice and representation around the development opportunities and challenges along our eastern gateway.  I see a genuine opportunity there for renewed growth, and a potential for something unique to set St. Charles apart from other communities. I ran for this position with the intention of moving those visions forward. That, combined with my existing service to our community made the decision to run a natural one.

3. What do you see as a good opportunity to make St. Charles even better?
We have so many projects happening that you may not even know about - and making it easier for you to learn about these is just one great opportunity to make St. Charles even better for every resident.  Identifying and launching new ways to connect and communicate with residents about programs, projects, public meetings, elections, utility and service updates, and more are ways to set our community apart and ensure residents are aware, engaged, and informed when they're most in need.  More engagement in studies like the current Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan, or providing new ways to communicate with the city such as text alerts could incrementally give each resident more of a sense of what the city offers to them, and how to access what they need when they need it. We have a wonderful community, and you don't want to miss anything!

David Pietryla Ward 4
David Pietryla

1. What are you looking forward to in your new term?
I look forward to working with my new colleagues as well as continuing to represent the 4th Ward and the interests of its residents.

2. Why was it important for you to run for your position?
I believe it is important to have independent, critical thinkers on Council. I sought re-election in ensure these qualities, to which I subscribe, remain present on Council.

3. What do you see as a good opportunity to make St. Charles even better?
I look forward to continuing to make St. Charles a destination. We will have opportunities to make the city more walkable and bikeable, which is exciting. Increased walkability and bikeability will enhance our downtown and other areas of the city with improved access and connectivity. Our riverfront will benefit and attract new visitors. I look forward to supporting these objectives which will make St. Charles even better than it already is.

Ed Bessner Ward 5
Ed Bessner

1What are you looking forward to in your new term?
To complete the redevelopment of the First Street Plaza and continue towards completion of the First Street District.

2. Why was it important for you to run for your position?
To further enhance the vibrancy of St Charles which will attract new residents and businesses to our city. This will promote increased sales tax revenues that will continue to support the high level of services that our residents deserve.

3. What do you see as a good opportunity to make St. Charles even better?
The redevelopment of our river frontage.

Also Re-elected April 4:

Nancy Garrison, City Clerk
Nancy Garrison

John Harrill, Treasurer
John Harrill

updated May 02, 2023