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City Issues 15-Day Notice of Intent to Sue for Demolition of the former Pheasant Run Resort Property

The City of St. Charles has issued a 15-Day Notice of Intent to Sue for Demolition of the former Pheasant Run Resort property as a matter of public safety. This action comes after the St. Charles Fire Department responded to a structure fire on the site on Aug. 19, 2023, the second such incident on the site in 15 months. The cause of the fire remains under investigation at this time.

The property is owned by Saint Charles Resort, LLC, out of Miami Beach, Fla. The City has been earnestly working with the property owner to improve safety, security, and overall conditions on the site. After a large structure fire on the site in May 2022, the City’s enforcement of code violations and requirements to improve site conditions became more urgent. Code Enforcement actions by the City prompted the owner to clear the site of debris after the fire. The City has continued to prosecute and press the property owner to address other numerous code violations at the site. The lack of any meaningful progress by the property owner has prompted the City to issue the Notice and initiate legal proceedings.

“This is a matter of public safety, as well as the safety of our police and fire first responders,” said Mayor Lora Vitek. “We have been pressing the property owner to remedy the deficient safety and security conditions at the site; however, the owner’s efforts have not produced sufficient results. Now we are taking more aggressive measures to prompt swift action. We want to see all of the vacant buildings demolished, public safety addressed, and the site cleared for redevelopment."

updated Sep 25, 2023