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Update - 5/10/24

Fox Glen Dr Area (Fox Glen Dr, Fox Glen Ct, Glenbriar Dr, Glenbriar Ct, and Glen Eagles Ct)

  • This week, the contractor completed asphalt surface removal in the area.
  • Today, the contractor is expected to apply oil to the milled pavement in preparation for paving.
  • Next week, paving is expected to begin on Monday, 5/13 (weather permitting)
  • Damaged asphalt driveways are expected to be repaired next week.

Forest Ridge/Huntington Area (Forest Ridge Rd, Huntington Rd, Essex Ct, Sterling Ct, and Foxhill Ct)

  • This week, the contractor completed the majority of concrete removals and replacements. Concrete around remaining utility work is expected to be replaced towards the end of next week once the utility work is completed.
  • Water service utility work continued this week and is expected to be completed today. Affected residents will be notified in-person by the contractor in advance before water is temporarily shut-off to the house and service is restored.
  • Watermain valve replacements began this week and are expected to continue next week. Residents will be notified by door tags in advance of scheduled shut-downs. Door tags will include additional information regarding the shut-down.

Royal Fox Area (Royal Fox Dr, Royal Fox Ct, Royal Troon Ct, Royal Lytham Dr, Royal Lytham Ct, Turnberry Rd, Royal Kings Ct, Royal Queens Ct, Royal Ashdown Ct)

  • Saw-cutting was completed earlier this week.
  • Today, concrete removals and replacements are expected to begin and be completed next week. Residents who will have impacts to driveway access will receive a door hanger with additional information regarding parking arrangements.

Kings Area (King Edward Ave, King James Ave, King Alford Ct, King Williams Ct, King Richard Ct, King James Ct, Queen Anne Ct, King Henry Ln, King Charles Ln, King George Ln)

  • Saw-cutting is expected to continue next week.
created May 10, 2024 updated May 10, 2024

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