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Netflix Movie to Air 11/10/23

Scenes Filmed in Downtown St. Charles

Netflix has announced Nov. 10 is the release date for the movie The Killer, starring Michael Fassbender and Tilda Swinton. A pivotal scene in the movie was filmed at the beautiful Hotel Baker and in downtown St. Charles last March. Start planning your watch parties now!

St. Charles Water Named Best Drinking Water in Kane County

A panel of judges - all retired water operators/managers - picked St. Charles’ water as best in a blind taste test at the Kane County Water Association’s annual water-tasting contest Dec. 15, 2022. The City of St. Charles is committed to providing safe, reliable, water to its customers. That's why we are so excited that St. Charles has been named the Best Drinking Water in Kane County! 

So Much is Happening on the East Side

We often get questions about development on the East Side of the City: What’s the latest with Pheasant Run? Any news about Charlestowne Mall? Here’s an update on some happenings on the east side.

Pheasant Run Properties

  1. Pheasant Run Industrial Park

Pheasant Run Industrial Park development is underway by Greco DeRosa Investment Group on the former Pheasant Run Resort golf course property on east Main Street/IL Rt. 64.

Riverside Water Treatment Plant Maintenance Begins Nov. 7

An Increase in Water Hardness May Occur

The Riverside Water Treatment Plant on Riverside Ave. near the Municipal Building will be undergoing maintenance and upgrades over the next two months. Residents in the affected area (shown in blue on the map below) may notice an increase in the hardness of their water. This change in water hardness will remain until City can flush the water system after plant repairs are complete. Work is scheduled to begin Nov. 7 and be completed by mid-December.

Senior Fire Safety Program Offers Free Smoke Detectors

From the St. Charles Fire Department

Mature adults 65 and older are three times more likely to die in house fires than younger adults. Having a working smoke alarm cuts the chances of a serious consequence by fire in half. Do you or your loved one’s age 65 and older have working smoke alarms?

The St. Charles Fire Department is partnering with the Illinois Fire Safety Alliance to increase senior safety by providing smoke detectors in homes of older adults living within the City of St. Charles.