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185th Anniversary Photo Contest Winner Announced

Photo will be featured on the 2019 City of St. Charles Christmas Card

A few months ago as part of our 185th Anniversary celebration, we launched a photo contest to choose a photo to feature on the cover of the 2019 City of St. Charles Christmas card. We received 21 entries, which were reviewed by the St. Charles Arts Council. Thanks to all who submitted photos. There were so many good ones to choose from!

The Summer Power Cost Adjustment Means Savings for Electric Customers

Have you noticed a line on your electric bill called “Power Cost Adj” and wondered what that is? It refers to the City’s Power Cost Adjustment Factor (PCAF). The City instituted the PCAF in 2013 to allow for adjustment of electric bills to match wholesale power prices.

Wholesale Power Prices Directly Affect the PCAF

The City purchases its power from the Illinois Municipal Electric Agency (IMEA). Like the cost of most commodities, wholesale power prices can fluctuate. The City adjusts the PCAF in accordance with our actual costs of purchasing power from IMEA.

Did You See Your Annual Water Quality Report?

The City of St. Charles is committed to providing a continuous supply of safe, reliable and economical water to its customers. Every year the City of St. Charles Water Division distributes a report that summarizes the quality of the City’s drinking water. We are pleased to report again this year that your tap water met all Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) drinking water health standards. The water is tested in accordance with strict EPA regulations, so you can be assured your drinking water is safe and meets or exceeds all water quality standards as listed in the Safe Drinking Act.

2019 Refuse Collection Rates Take Effect July 1

Stickers Purchased Before July 1 will be Honored

Beginning July 1, 2019, refuse collection fees from Lakeshore Recycling Systems will change for City of St. Charles residents. All stickers previously purchased prior to July 1 are still valid, so residents can use their current supply.

The 2019 rates for stickers and monthly container rentals are:

Stickers and Bags

  • Refuse Sticker $2.72 ea.
  • Yard Waste Sticker $2.72 ea.
  • Half-size Refuse Bag $2.08 ea.

Monthly Container Rentals 


Nicor Project Underway

Boundaries: 3rd Street, Center Street, 7th Street & Mosedale

Nicor is doing work to modernize its infrastructure as part of its Investing in Illinois initiative. They are working on the gas mains in an area bounded by 3rd Street, Center Street, 7th Street & Mosedale. Residnets in the work area received a flyer with more details. Read the flyer here.

IDOT is Resurfacing a Western Portion of IL Rt. 64 in St. Charles

Work Scheduled to Begin Mid-May

The Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) is resurfacing a western portion of IL Rte. 64, from Randall Road in St. Charles to IL Rte. 47 in Campton Hills. Work is scheduled to begin mid-May. Rt. 64 will remain open to traffic throughout the project, but be alert for lane closures, construction flaggers and electronic message boards to manage traffic patterns.

For more information, visit the IDOT website at

Discourage Coyotes from Making Your Neighborhood their Home

We can expect an increase in coyote sightings between now and February as young coyotes leave their parents in search of mates and territories to call their own. And, with the onset of winter, coyotes are more willing to venture out of their rural or wooded habitats and into residential areas in search of food and shelter.

While coyotes are unlikely to attack humans, they can become more aggressive if they find an area that suits their needs and they want to defend it. Tips for keeping coyotes from settling in your neighborhood: