Water Conservation

Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning (CMAP)

The Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning (CMAP) is the official regional planning organization for the northeastern Illinois. The agency has been delegated as the authority for the region's water quality management plan. An integral part of that planning is for water resources. Several publications that are a result of this planning are WATER 2050, GO TO 2040 and a Model Water Conservation Ordinance. To learn more about CMAP's water quality related initiatives, please visit the Areawide Water Quality Management Plan page.

Water Conservation

The City's Outdoor Water Conservation Ordinance is in effect year round, limiting the time periods when automatic and manual sprinkling devices may be used.

Water usage increases dramatically during summer's dry weather when lawn-sprinkling demand occurs. To ensure that outdoor watering is effective and efficient, City Code Section 13.16.205 regulates lawn sprinkling. The City actively encourages residents to conserve water and save money by offering tips and guidelines to reduce water usage, such as:

  • Look for landscaping plants that don’t need much water.
  • Use ground covers and mulches around plants.
  • Use an automatic sprinkler system with a timer.
  • Leave grass tall (2”-4”), as taller grass helps retain moisture in the soil.
  • When washing your car, use a hose with a shut-off nozzle. If possible, wash your car on the grass instead of the driveway.

St. Charles Water Conservation Resources

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updated Apr 25, 2024