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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Municipal Parking Lot Reconstruction is underway.  As with any construction project, things must happen in sequential order and coordination between utilities and sub-contractors is critical. A project of this type will be very active on certain days and not so much on others.  Keeping that in mind, the following schedule is what we know to be taking place for the remainder of the week of July 28. The overall project is not delayed and is anticipated to be open by Scarecrow Festival. 

The asphalt pavement grinder is arriving on site on Wednesday July 30, with pavement grinding/removal taking place the rest of this week.

Comcast is scheduled to relocate their utilities on Thursday or Friday of this week.

Tree removal is scheduled for Friday August 1.

Water main work is planned for the week of August 4. This work cannot take place until the asphalt pavement is removed.


created Jul 29, 2014 updated Mar 23, 2018