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Electric Utility Phone Scam Alert

Calls Falsely Displaying as the City of St. Charles have been Reported

The St. Charles Utility Billing office has received reports from residents of scammers posing as representatives of the City. The scam caller ID number has been falsely displaying as the City's main 630.377.4400 number.

The callers have left voicemails which are incomplete, stating "electric bill is overdue, here's your reference number. You need to call immediately." 

The voicemail provided each resident with the identical reference number of IL814057 and directed the residents to call back the number 630.381.4057. If you receive a phone call of this nature, do not call back the number provided.

Any contact about your electric services will come from the City of St. Charles Utility Billing office, and the City never demands immediate payment over the phone. If you are contacted about your electric services demanding payment or offering special rates, do not give out any personal or financial information. Hang up and notify the St. Charles Police Department at 630.377.4435.

If you ever have questions about your rates or bill, call our Utility Billing Office directly at 630.377.4426 or email


created Jan 16, 2018 updated Feb 07, 2018