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City and St. Charles Park District Provide Tips to Deter Local Coyotes

To help residents discourage coyotes from settling in neighborhoods, the City of St. Charles and St. Charles Park District have developed a Coyote Management Plan. The Plan is available on the City’s website at

“The Coyote Management Plan was created to educate residents on normal coyote behaviors and activity,” said Laura Rudow, Superintendent of Parks and Planning. “Following the easy steps listed in the plan can help residents can deter coyotes from becoming habituated in neighborhoods.”

Coyotes are common across the state of Illinois, and are necessary in order to keep populations of smaller wild animals and vermin in check. An increase in coyote sightings between now and the spring is expected as young coyotes leave their parents in search of mates and territories to call their own. 

“The City of St. Charles is happy to team up with the Park District to provide this important information to our residents,” said St. Charles City Administrator Mark Koenen. “The goal of this plan is to allow our residents and local coyotes to continue to safely coexist without incident.”

For more information about the Coyote Management Plan, please contact the City of St. Charles at 630.377.4400.

created Feb 07, 2018 updated May 21, 2018