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Winter Preparations at Public Works

While Public Works is busy completing concrete and asphalt projects, tree planting, hydrant flushing and street sweeping, winter preparations also are underway.

Careful planning and scheduling are just part of what we do in advance of winter to prepare for snow and ice removal during the winter months.

Equipment is winterized, plows are attached to trucks, de-icing supplies are inventoried, 24-hour crew shifts are scheduled and snow routes are planned. The routes are designed to establish priority removal of snow and ice from roads most used by commuters, emergency vehicles and school buses. All levels of Public Works staff, including our front office administrative staff, attend “snow sessions” to inform and prepare for the City’s quick response to winter weather safety.

The City uses brine solutions for de-icing streets. For warmer temperatures, a clear/white solution is used; at colder temperatures a brown solution and green/blue solution are used for de-icing. All brine solutions contain organic materials and are more than 90% less corrosive that salt.

A computerized weather forecasting system is used by the City to monitor the weather. This system alerts staff to incoming weather systems, the type of weather and its expected onset and duration.

If you have any comments or questions, please the Public Works Department at 630-377-4405 or, or visit the City’s website at

updated Nov 30, 2018