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Sanitary Sewer Lining Program is Underway

The City has begun a project to rehabilitate its sanitary sewers. This project aims to eliminate groundwater infiltration into sanitary sewers, which will help minimize sewer backups. It is a multi-year program designed to reinvest, rehabilitate and renew the sewer system.

Inspection and assessment of the sanitary sewer system recently was completed and areas of the sewer pipe that are in need of repair were identified. A map showing which sewer lines are being worked on is here.  The sewer lines highlighted in red are part of this project. Additional sewer lines will be worked on in future years. Hoerr Construction has been contracted by the City to complete the sewer restoration work. If you are a resident within the project area, you already have been notified about this project and what to expect.

The technology that will be used to repair and restore the sewer pipe is known as cured-in-place pipe. It is a trenchless process that involves inserting a flexible liner into the existing sewer and heating resin inside the liner to harden it in place. This means the sewer will be repaired without digging a trench to reach the pipe. This method eliminates dust related to construction, tree loss, prevents disturbance to the nearby lawn and landscaping, and avoids long-term traffic disruptions.

For more information about the project, including maps and a video which illustrates the process, visit the Sewer Lining Project page of our website, or contact Public Works Environmental Services at 630.377.4405.

updated Mar 01, 2019