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Please Follow Dog Safety Regulations

Now that it’s here, everyone wants to get out and enjoy the nice weather. Man’s best friend loves being a part of the summer days just as much as we do! But be sure to be a responsible pet owner and follow City ordinances regarding dogs and pets. Below are some rules and tips to remember when handling our pets:

• The City of St. Charles has a leash law. This means any time you take your dog or pet off of owner property, it must be restrained by a proper leash or physical device as well as under the direct supervision of a competent person.

• Don’t leave animals staked outside during extreme heat or allow them to go beyond your lot or land.

• Make sure you clean up after your pets while on public property, within the City, or on any person’s property other than your own.

• A pet that has consistent violations such as barking at or chasing moving vehicles or persons, damaging any property, creating excessive noise, may be classified as a nuisance.

• If you have any concerns or animal related issues call 911 to dispatch an officer for assistance. To report a dog lost or found, call Kane County Animal Control at 630.232.3555. Also, please note that no more than three dogs and/or cats total in any household, apartment or other dwelling is permitted. For more information on City ordinances regarding animals, visit our codebookhere:

updated Jul 01, 2019