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Clear the Way for Meter Readers

Reading electric and water meters is an important function that assures accurate billing of usage. Our goal is to read utility meters every month. Our meter readers walk hundreds of miles each month, seeking out and reading more than 25,000 meters. Eventually, technology will help capture consumption amounts as the City is in the early stages of deploying Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI). This AMI technology will establish two-way, wireless communication between meters and the City. But for now, our meter readers are out in force.

Meter readers face a number of obstacles in their job—literally. From snowdrifts and bushes to locked gates and snarling dogs, obstructions can make getting to the meter to read it a challenge. Even so, our meter readers persevere beyond these impediments and through all kinds of weather to retrieve an accurate reading.

Estimated readings are rare, but if we can’t access your meter, we may estimate your reading. If our meter readers cannot get to your meter because of obstructions, they will leave a red door hanger on your door letting you know. If you get one of these cards, fill it out per the instructions on the card and return it to us to avoid an estimated reading. Please keep the areas clear around your water meter, electric meter and any other utility equipment on your property. Meters require a minimum of three feet of clear access.

If you ever have a question about your meter readings please call Utility Billing at 630.377.4426.

updated Sep 26, 2019