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Winterize Your Water Service

Public Works receives numerous inquiries on how to “winterize” a water service. You may need to winterize your home’s water service if your home will be vacant due to move/sale of your home or an extended vacation, or home renovations that require having the water shut off, etc.  

Here are a few suggestions to avoid frozen pipes: 

  • Pipes MUST BE DRAINED when water is turned off for an extended period of time. 
  • Always allow heated air to circulate around pipes and water meters. Insulate problem areas and leave cabinet doors open. 
  • In empty/vacant homes, don’t turn off the heat – instead turn down thermostats to maintain a minimum temperature to keep pipes from freezing. Installing a programmable thermostat is recommended to regulate the temperature when needed. 
  • Allow water to slowly drip from faucets with water pipes adjacent to an outside wall.  
  • Do not use an air compressor to “blow out” a private water service. This can allow dirt and other contaminants to enter the private and public water supply causing a potential health risk to residents and others drinking City water. 

If you have any questions please contact the Public Works Meter Division at 630-377-4404.  

updated Oct 29, 2019