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Water Test Scam Alert

Man Posing as City Worker

Please help us spread the word about a local scam a resident has reported. A man shows up in a white truck saying he is from the City to “check the water.” He charges $50 to run the faucets in the house to let the resident know “the water is safe.” Please know that this person is not connected with the City of St. Charles in any way. If someone comes to your home, saying they are from the City and asks to come in to do any kind of work for cash, contact the St. Charles Police Department at 630.377.4435.

How our crews work: 1) Our employees never ask for any form of payment. 2) If work is scheduled in your area, you will receive a notice—either a letter on City stationery mailed to you or a door hanger with the City logo. 2) Our employees drive vehicles with the City logo on it. 3) Our employees wear a City-issued photo ID. 4) If you ever have a question about a City project, call us at 630.377.4400.  

updated Aug 13, 2020