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Keeping Newly Planted Trees Healthy

Was a new tree planted in the parkway in front of your home this spring?  The City works to minimize transplant shock for new trees and promote healthy plantings in several ways:

  • New trees are planted with the trunk flare a few inches above grade.  The trunk flare is where the trunk expands at the base of the tree. This point should be partially visible after the tree has been planted. If the tree is planted too deep, new roots will have difficulty developing because of a lack of oxygen.
  • The Public Services Division will have a dedicated team member who will be watering new trees consistently throughout the summer/fall seasons. We feel this will allow for better results regarding tree health.
  • The metal basket around the tree’s root ball and twine around the tree’s trunk will be removed at planting. This will allow for better and quicker root development and health. Removing the material from around the root ball also deters girdling roots.
  • Mulch and landscape seed are provided at the time the landscape is restored around the tree.  This may happen several days after a tree has been planted.  The City takes care to add mulch to a depth of 2-4 inches and several inches away from the trunk of the tree.  Piling mulch right up against the trunk of a tree causes decay. Please avoid “volcano mulching” trees.
updated Jul 01, 2021