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Coronavirus Updates and Information Resources

The CDC has issued COVID-19 related guidance regarding Halloween trick-or-treating. Click here to read through the public health recommendations. Since Halloween is not a City-sponsored event, please use your best judgement regarding whether or not to have your children go trick-or-treating door-to-door, which the CDC puts in the 'Higher Risk' category. And please follow mask, distancing, and hand sanitizing guidelines.

MetroNet Fiber Optic Installation


MetroNet, a Midwest fiber optic service provider, delivering high-speed gigabit Internet, high-definition television and phone service is installing/constructing their fiber network in St. Charles. Some frequently asked questions about the network construction phase:

Does MetroNet have the proper permits for the construction they are about to perform?

Yes. MetroNet has been issued permits by theVcity to construct the fiber optic network in your area, including aerial and underground work in neighborhoods.