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Government Services Committee Meeting

05/28/2019 - 7:00pm
Combined Packet: 
Packet Items: 
PDF icon 3.a - Electric Reliability Report - Information only 265.42 KB
PDF icon 3.b - Natural Resources Commission Minutes - Information only 82.96 KB
PDF icon 3.c - Phosphorus Removal and Digester Improvements Project Update - Information only 2.79 MB
PDF icon 5.a - Recommendation to Modfy City Code to Title 5, Chapter 5.08, Section 5.08.300218.46 KB
PDF icon 5.b - Recommendation to approve Proposal for Site Modification for Pollyanna Brewing & Distilling, 106 S. Riverside Ave. 536.75 KB
PDF icon 6.a - Recommendation to approve License Agmt btw City & STC Riverside LLC to allow outdoor patio on public property776.36 KB
PDF icon *7.a - Recommendation to approve Construction Contract for Pavement Rejuvenation 1.15 MB
PDF icon 7.b - Recommendation to award the Bid to Electric Conduit Construction for Overhead Fiber Optic Cable Installations 327.97 KB
PDF icon 7.c - Recommendation to Award the Bid to Hooper Corporation for Rebuild of Pole Line between City Hall Substation and North 12th374.78 KB
PDF icon 7.d - Presentation regarding New Options Made Available by IMEA for Energy Efficiency Grants103.29 KB
PDF icon 7.e - Recommendation to Waive the Bid & Allow Inventory Control to Purchase Wood Line Poles on as-needed basis47.7 KB
PDF icon 7.f - Recommendation to approve Contract Extension for Water, Sanitary Sewer & Storm Sewer Underground Point Repairs 172.4 KB
PDF icon 7.g - Recommendation to approve Tenth Street Water Tower Painting Logo Design Selection 856.79 KB
PDF icon 7.h - Recommendation to award the Bid for Sanitary Manhole Rehabilitation 8.4 MB
PDF icon *7.i - Recommendation to award Proposal for Sanitary Manhole Rehabilitation Construction Oversite 4.53 MB
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