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Public Transportation Options for St. Charles

Rt. 592- St. Charles & Geneva Call-n-Ride 

For only $1.75 per one-way trip, the St. Charles-Geneva Call-n-Ride offers reservation-based, curb-to- curb, public transportation service for the general public. Route includes Randall Rd., Highway 38/State St., Kirk Rd., and the Union Pacific Railroad. Service is offered to the Metra UP-West Line Geneva Station, The Quad St. Charles (Charlestowne Mall), and Delnor Glen. More information is at

St. Charles Police Department Warns of IRS Scam

City of St Charles News
St. Charles Residents Have Reported the Scam

The city of St. Charles and the St. Charles Police Department have received multiple calls in the last few days from residents who stated they were contacted by somebody purporting to be from the Internal Revenue Service. 

The callers stated that residents owe the government money, and they needed to comply or they would be arrested, perhaps within the hour. Be aware that this is a scam, and has been prevalent for some time. The scam involves scare tactics typically directed toward senior citizens.