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What Ward Am I In?

And How to Contact Your Alderman

The City website contains a quick and easy way for you to find out what ward you are in and to contact your Aldermen.

How to Contact Your Aldermen

Visit the City Council - Alderman page on our website under the “Government” tab at the top of the page. Scroll down for a list of Aldermen, the Ward they represent, and their conrtact information.

What Ward Am I In?

City of St. Charles Once Again Earns NOAA/NWS StormReady Designation

City has been certified a StormReady Community Since 2014

An Advisory Board of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration & National Weather Service recently re-certified St. Charles as a StormReady Community. The designation is granted every three years to communities that have met or exceeded requirements for severe weather preparation. The City of St. Charles has been a certified StormReady Community since 2014. 

Getting Power to Your Home is a Team Effort

Report an Electric Outage 24/7 to 866-444-0016

Have you ever wondered how your electricity reaches your home outlets? It has a long journey! The City receives its power from the Illinois Municipal Electric Agency, and transporting that power to your home is a team effort between the City and ComEd. After receiving the electricity through ComEd’s transformers and transmission lines, the electricity enters the City’s utility grid through a “step down” substation, and then on through the City’s distribution lines and transformers, before continuing to your house and powering your appliances and electronics.