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The Safe Haven Law Saves Babies from Unsafe Abandonment

Not too long ago, an infant was found deceased in a backpack along a roadway in unincorporated Wheaton. Incidents like this are incredibly sad, and they should not happen. Please help us spread the word about Illinois' Safe Haven law, which gives a desperate parent a safe alternative to abandoning their baby.

Newborns up to 30 days old can be brought to any hospital, emergency care facility, staffed police station or staffed fire station–no questions asked. The baby is taken to a hospital for a check up and then placed with a pre-approved adoptive family.

Sign Up for Electric Outage Alert System

If you are a St. Charles Electric Utility customer, be sure to register your phone number with the automated telephone notification system.

Based on caller I.D. technology, the system links your phone number to your account. When you call to report an outage, the system automatically identifies your location and relays the outage information, reducing crew response times. You also can opt for a call back to confirm power restoration.