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Keep Your Sanitary Sewer Line Clear

Anytime you turn on a faucet in your home, run the dishwasher or flush a toilet, that water runs out of your sanitary sewer line and into the City sewer.  If your sanitary sewer line gets clogged, all of your drains and toilets will get backed up, too.  Avoid unpleasant and potentially expensive plumbing problems by preventing clogs in your sewer line.

Avoid costly Bathroom Clogs

Social Worker Aids First Responders

During the past year, Tri-City Ambulance has identified an increase in the number of 911 calls requesting medical assistance for a person experiencing a mental health/behavioral health emergency. Frequently the patient is not the one who has requested assistance. So when the ambulance, fire, and police arrive on the scene, the patient may not be accepting of assistance. In addition, Tri-City Ambulance is only able to transport patients to the emergency department, which is not always the correct treatment for the patient.

City Outlines Diversity Hiring Targets

As an Equal Opportunity employer, the City has developed an Equal Employment Opportunity Utilization Report that includes the City’s policy statement, objectives and steps, and analysis charts. The report identifies how the City will continue good faith efforts to seek qualified candidates from a diverse background, focusing on areas of under-utilization. For more information about our applications process and to view the report, visit

Keep Car Doors Locked

Keep car doors locked and don't leave keys, key fobs, garage door openers, or other valuables inside unlocked cars. St. Charles and nearby communities have reports of thefts from vehicles as well as stolen vehicles when keys had been left inside unlocked cars. Often criminals are simply trying door handles hoping to find unlocked vehicles. It is an all too common problem that can be prevented by simply locking your car.