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Police Bike Patrol Unit Patrols Where Cars Can’t

When the weather warms up, the St. Charles Police Department Bike Patrol Unit gets rolling. The bicycle patrol unit is an “as needed” volunteer unit that was started in 1993. The bicycle patrol is prominently used during the summer at highly populated city events that can be navigated easier by bike. The patrol provides an additional level of support for areas where cars are unable to go. Each bike is equipped with a small pack that contains a first aid kit, flashlights, and reflective vest in the event traffic assistance is needed.

Assisted Listening Devices Now Available in City Council Chambers

Your City government relies on the input and participation of everyone. That’s why we’re proud to announce the new assisted listening system in the City Council chamber.

An audience member can pick up one of four audio receivers and either ear buds or a neck loop that is designed to work with hearing aids equipped with a telephone switch. 

When the audio system is turned on, the digital transmitter automatically sends a signal to the receivers. Volume controls on the receiver allow individuals to adjust the volume to their needs. 

St. Charles Connect: A Convenient Way to Get in Touch with the City

St. Charles Connect is an easy, convenient way to get in touch with us to let us know if you have an issue we can resolve, such as a downed tree or pot hole, or to ask us questions. 

Don’t Use to It Report an Emergency
St. Charles Connect is not for reporting an emergency. For urgent situations, call 911. 

It also should not be used to report any time-sensitive issues. It is only staffed during regular business hours.

Flashing Pedestrian Signs Alert Drivers to People Waiting to Cross the Road

Flashing Pedestrian Signs are installed at certain crosswalks, usually mid-block, where there is no traffic light to stop traffic or walk sign for pedestrians to cross the street.

These signs are installed at two locations in St. Charles: Kirk & Dunham roads near St. Charles East High School Stadium and Peck Rd. & Springfield Way near Otter Cove. When pedestrians are ready to cross, they push a button that activates flashing yellow lights on the sign.

Report an Electric Outage 24/7

Call the Electric Outage Hotline 866-444-0016

City utility customers can report electric outages 24 hours a day to the City’s Electric Outage hotline at 866.444.0016. If you register your phone number, it is linked to your utility account so the outage location is automatically identified and reported when you call. You also have the option to receive a call back to confirm power restoration. updates about the outage. To register up to three phone numbers, call the Utility Billing office at 630.377.4426 or visit

Let’s Show Off St. Charles on the Local News

Chicago news stations are always looking for eye-catching photos of the Chicagoland area. Think you have the perfect shot of St. Charles? Send it t the local news stations and you may see it on the air! Let’s show off our beautiful community.

Where to Submit Your Photos

CBS Channel 2

NBC Channel 5

WGN Channel 9